QuTEM offers market leading and unique analysis to researchers, developers, and manufacturers of advanced therapeutics. QuTEM is starting with an impressive range of clients across academia, SME biopharma companies, big pharma, CDMOs and QA specialists. With a commitment to quality and precision, the company supports pharmaceutical companies in their research, development, and quality control efforts.

QuTEM’s unique capabilities include:

–         Highly accurate determination of capsid size distribution, going far beyond full/empty analysis and providing highly accurate measurements of capsid content.

–         Offer an extensive service portfolio including a wide range of analyses e.g., AAVs, adenoviral vectors, lentivirus, VLPs, LNPs, liposomes., etc. to support biopharma needs.

–         GMP compliance; QuTEM’s predecessor company was the only globally GMP certified provider of these services and all workflows, software and data handling is performed in with full GMP compliance.