Adenoviral vectors used for gene therapy and vaccine development can be examined using our state-of-the-art nsTEM and cryoTEM analyses. Our software analysis solution enables for studying viruses, providing detailed insights into their structures. You can gain insights into overall morphology, integrity, impurities, and aggregation, for optimal safety and efficacy of your product.

Morphology analysis

The overall morphology includes the ocular assessment of morphological features to observe primary adenovirus particles and discriminate them from other particle types or impurities present in the specimen.

The morphological assessment can also include for example the identification of broken particles to assess the level of intact particles, as well as observing the presence of clusters or aggregates in the sample.

Integrity analysis

We offer quantitative analysis of broken and intact adenovirus particles from nsTEM and cryoTEM images. This method provides valuable information on the integrity of the particles, enabling optimization of production and storage conditions, to ensure their effectiveness in gene therapy and vaccine development.

Our image analysis tool allows for particle automated detection and classification, hence obtaining reliable and user independent results.

The large datasets analyzed ensure reliability of the obtained results, and a full traceability of the data throughout the whole process is guarantied thanks to our quality controlled workflows, in line with the European and American guidelines.

Aggregation analysis

Our powerful analysis software can effectively be used for detecting and classifying individual particles and aggregates from TEM images. The analytical results generated from TEM and image analysis allow examining aggregation of adenovirus particles quantitatively. It reveals how virus particles interact with each other, form higher-order structures, and aggregate. This information is crucial for product development, as it helps ensure the stability and efficacy of virus-based vaccines and gene therapy products.

Density based analysis

CryoTEM is a remarkable technique for investigating the internal structure and density of viruses. TEM images are grayscale, denser regions (such as genetic materials, capsid) appear darker in the TEM image. The powerful combination of cryoTEM and image analysis can generate the ratio of particles containing higher internal density.